Saturday, January 3, 2015

CCB DIY New Year Eve

I was super inspired this NYE. We had a last minute change of plans and decided to stay home for a small gathering with my family but I wanted to make it special on a budget. I ran out to my local michaels store and dollar store. I don't know if I ever mentioned this but I absolutely love my local dollar store. With my creative mind always going I find the best odds and ends to complete my projects. 

I decided on go with silver gray, white and gold theme. Below are two DIY projects yayah 

My First project is Custom NYE glasses with CCB custom straws

Here's what you'll need ...
- Gold glitter ribbon - 3/8in 
- Silver gray ribbon 7/8in 
- Glue gun with gun sticks
- Scissors 
- CCB custom straws (email me for custom orders) 

Step 1  - Using your favorite glass measure your 7/8 in. ribbon around the cup, when you get the perfect fit please give yourself an in or two that will make it easier to secure the ribbon with your glue. If you don't want to use glue another great alternative would be double sided tape. 
 Step 2 - Glue together :) If you want to really secure your ribbon you can always add a but of glue on the glass as well 
Step 3 - Repeat Steps 1, 2 with 3/8in ribbon 
It's that simple!!! Add custom straws to take this to the next level of fab. Now you have super cute NYE glasses to impress your guests and totally IG fabulous. 

Second DIY Project 
NYE Custom Hat 

Here's what you'll 
- Glitter paper 
- Feather boa 
- Glue Gun with glue sticks 
- scissors 
- any plain headband or ribbon 
Step one - Cut a curve in your glitter paper (btw whoever invented this paper is a god lol) a lil over half of the paper. You can make it bigger or smaller depending on what size you prefer. 
Step 2- Roll straight edge of your glitter paper
Step 3 - Until you get it to look like this ... a cone :) 
Step 4- Add glue and put pressure on it until it dries securely.
Step 5 - Measure your feather boa and cut to fit. Add glue around bottom of your cone to secure your feathers. I always added a few feathers on the tip of this hat with loose feathers from my boa. 
Step 6 - Glue headband or ribbon on the corners of your hat.
Step 7 - now you have a unique hat to bring it the New year!  Feel free to add custom touches to your hat, not shown I added a computer print out for the new year and glitter ribbon. You can also customize this hat with different colors for other holidays such as Halloween or for a special birthday hat :) 

I also added a super easy DIY selfie station just for fun. Last minute idea I totally could make this super fabulous if I had more time. I used party white and gray party streamers and printed signs too. I have teenage nieces and nephew, they really loved this.   

Here are some silly pics we took 
My niece Angelica 
My hubby and I <3 

I hope you had a happy and healthy NYE. If you try any of these projects please share with me.
I would love that <3 
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Stay chic xoxo 

And before I forget here's my NYE mani 

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