Thursday, December 25, 2014

CCB DIY - Chic Christmas

I must admit I've been enjoying the married left way too much and I've been neglecting my blog and creative projects but the holiday bug bit me and I have some wonderful designer inspired DIY projects for you. 

I'm so in love with Aminah Abdul Jillil Ribbon Bow Pumps but I just can't see myself making this trendy purchase. I know myself all to well I will definitely wear them once and they'll sit pretty in my shoe closet for years to come. The next best thing would be to search for a dupe and of course I found a wonderful dupe with one big problem there completely sold out :( see below for photos and links to both 

I wasn't worried my DIY mind went in over drive and I knew just what to do.

Here's what you'll need 
- Two 44" Satin Wire Ribbon 
- Scisscors 
- measuring tape 
That's it :) 

Step one 
Measure your ribbon, if you like you can make your ribbon shorter or longer depending on your ankle size and preference 
The 44" worked perfect for my ankle  
Tuck the ribbon under your foot in the shoe 

Step 2 
Criss cross ribbon around your ankle 

Step 3 
Tie ribbon evenly on the side of your ankle 

Step 4
Tie into a bow and because it's wire ribbon be sure to shape your the bow to really see the detailing and it's that easy 💁 

If you try this super easy DIY project please tag me on Instagram I would love to see your photos 

I also created this super cute candy cane design on my nails love, love Christmas so much I created two designs just for Xmas 🎅🎄🎁

Here is my inspiration
Aminah Abdul Jillil Ribbon Bow Pumps $215 Designer Splurge

  Here is the Amazing Steal
 Just Fab Hadley $49.99

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. My husband and I had an amazing 1st Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez and yes we are color coordinated ❤️ 

- Stay Chic xoxo 

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