Monday, January 5, 2015

CCB DIY - Vanity with Lights

What girl doesn't want a gorgeous vanity but really doesn't have the space or the budget. I was inspired to make my own! And I knew just where to go to get my supplies... IKEA :) This vanity even has lights :) Here's how I did it and what I used below 

Here is what you'll need

- Hammer 
- Screwdriver
 - Anchor Nails for hollow walls
- Three Pieces of Wood - you can find at any hardware store
Depending on the height of your vanity you'll need to add this for support 

Sorry I don't have good pictures of my step by step instructions but I've added a diagram below to explain

Step 1 
After I gathered all my supplies, I positioned my Ikea shelf exactly where I wanted it. I used a pencil to mark my wall for placement. 

Step 2
After marking your placement marks,  add your wood pieces with your anchor nails or nails to secure your wood panels.

Step 3
I decided to add drawers to the bottom of my vanity for storage and support. You can definitely find great options in Ikea depending on your preference.

Step 4
Add your shelf to sit nicely on your wood panels and drawers. Make sure of course that your drawers line up correctly with your extra wood panels.

Step 5
Now add your mirror to the shelf, I decided to just sit my mirror on my shelf on an angle since it is in a secure corner of my room and won't easy fall. I've had this up for awhile and never had any issues. 

Step 6
Now the fun part ... adding the lights.  It was easier than I thought. They already have doubled sided tape on them. All I needed to do is peel and place them where I wanted. 

You are now done and can enjoy setting up your custom vanity. 
If your on a budget and need great organizers I found really great decorative options in Michaels. (shown in the main picture)  

I hope you can follow my directions sorry again  I didn't get a chance to give you a visual step by step. I hope the diagram below helps :)

Enjoy and Stay chic xoxo

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