Monday, February 3, 2014

CCB DIY - Love sweater

CCB DIY - Love Sweater

Here's what you'll need 

- Basic sweater 
- Decorative rope or ribbon 
- Glue glue w glue sticks
- Needle and thread 
- Scissors 

Step 1. I shaped the letters and glued them together before I lightly glued it on my sweater, I preferred to do it this way because I really wanted a fancy font with a lot of loops. 

Step 2. Once you glue your rope together it should look like this or how ever you desire, even try using another word or your name, make it fun 

Step 3. Lightly glue your word on your sweater or shirt, then sew on, this will allow you to wash with no problem

Now style your trendy DIY sweater however you desire, I put this cute casual look together with ripped jeans, pointed toe booties and gold accessories, see how I remix this sweater in the weeks to come 

Enjoy, Stay chic xoxo 

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