Thursday, December 25, 2014

CCB DIY - Chic Christmas

I must admit I've been enjoying the married left way too much and I've been neglecting my blog and creative projects but the holiday bug bit me and I have some wonderful designer inspired DIY projects for you. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

CCB Beauty - Kim Kardashian affordable wedding makeup

Kim Kardashian makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic admits he created her natural, timeless wedding look using a combination of affordable drugstores and department store products, how awesome is that! We too can recreate this beautiful look, if only we could get him to do it :/ lol  

Friday, May 2, 2014

CCB Fashion - Outfit of the Day

CCB Fashion - Outfit of the Day

I've been gone for a few weeks I haven't wished everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy 2014, yayah. I promise I have plenty of fun filled post this year :) Here's a simple everyday look with a gorgeous statement necklace and makeup to really pull this look together. I added soft waves with a small twist to pull the hair out of my face on one side. Details below ...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CCB Outfit of the Day

CCB Outfit of the Day 

Because Radiant Orchid is the color of the year, of course I had to add a touch of it to my wardrobe. I put this look together with a Radiant Orchid peplum top (not shown in the picture but this top has an huge amazing chiffon bow on the back <3 absolutely love) along with a leopard skater skirt, Lately I love the way leopard looks with bold colors. 

To complete this look, I accessorize with nude clutch, nude shoes and gold jewelry. To add a full on Radiant Orchid look I added a pop of color within my makeup as well,
using Maybelline Brazen Berry which matched perfectly and a hint of this color within a brown neutral eye.
It looked amazing sorry I didn't have enough time to take a pic of me in this completed look :)

Outfit Details 

Stay chic! 
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

CCB Beauty - 2014 Beauty Trends You Should Try

CCB Beauty - Spring 2014 Beauty Trends You Should Try 
As a fashion lover, I always look at designer runways for the next great trends but not just for fashion trends but beauty trends as well. Seen on designer fashion runways such as Nanette Lepore, Donna Karan, Prabal Gurung, Christian Siriano, Rag & Bone, and DKNY. Because I love playing with my looks, makeup and hair styles always completely reinvent a basic look and make it fabulous. 

Here are a few key items worth trying to update your look. Because trends come and go so quickly you don't always have to break the bank. Easiest way to add these trends is trying drugstore brands. I always find such great options.

- Bright Orange Lipstick - Try this look with neutral brown smokey eye and if your bright orange lip is a bit too much mix with nude lipstick 

- Blue Eyeliner and Eyeshadow - love this  fun look even for my dark brown eyes, I really love trying this only on my lower lid for a pop of color 

- Nude Lipstick - My favorite look by far, I love a nude lip for everyday or elegant evening look with a black smokey eye <3

- Radiant Orchid - the color of the year :) - so trendy right now and what better way to try this but with makeup or even nail polish, try adding hints of this color, maybe with a bright lip or even just a little eyeshadow, beautiful on any skintone 

- Halo or milkmaid braids - Must try this fun look and so super easy. Try putting your hair in picktails and simply wrapping them up around your head and secure them w/ pins, done! It's that simple :) 

- Fun Manicure - Still trending and doesn't seem to be fading out, So happy lol :) I'll continue to post my fun mani's Yayah 

- White nails - because white it's so hot right now of course you need a fresh white mani to go with this chic look, all white everything, my fav <3 

Stay chic xoxo 
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Monday, February 3, 2014

CCB DIY - Love sweater

CCB DIY - Love Sweater

Here's what you'll need 

- Basic sweater 
- Decorative rope or ribbon 
- Glue glue w glue sticks
- Needle and thread 
- Scissors 

Step 1. I shaped the letters and glued them together before I lightly glued it on my sweater, I preferred to do it this way because I really wanted a fancy font with a lot of loops. 

Step 2. Once you glue your rope together it should look like this or how ever you desire, even try using another word or your name, make it fun 

Step 3. Lightly glue your word on your sweater or shirt, then sew on, this will allow you to wash with no problem

Now style your trendy DIY sweater however you desire, I put this cute casual look together with ripped jeans, pointed toe booties and gold accessories, see how I remix this sweater in the weeks to come 

Enjoy, Stay chic xoxo 

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

CCB Nails - Striped Dot

CCB Nails - Striped Dot

As you know, I love trying new, fun nailart designs. This week I decided to try this contrast of colors using black, white and baby pink with bold stripes and girly polka dots. 
Below are the products I used and a few easy steps 

What you'll need: 
Any baby pink polish
Any white polish
Any nail art polish
Dotting tool
Tape (optional)
Any quick dry top coat (a must when doing nail art)

2. Paint index & middle fingers and thumb

3. Paint ring finger white
Paint pointer finger black 

4. Add the details (sorry no photos)

Polka dots are easier to to add first 
Then add the stripes
I drew the stripes just using the nail art paints 
Please use the tape for the stripes it really is much easier 
but polish must dry completely. 

Fun Beauty Tip:
Try using Pam cooking spray for easy way to quickly dry your nails !!!

Enjoy and stay chic xoxo 

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CCB DIY - Foot Flowers

These were made for ong summer days on the beach. I love these super cute foot flowers and I've been seeing them everywhere, of course I had to try my CCB spin of these adorable foot flowers. This is also a great mommy and me project to try with the kids, of course with a parents help because of the glue gun. These are great for baby fashionista as well :)   

Below is my step by step ...
Enjoy and stay chic xoxo

Step one 1. 
Here's what you'll need 
- Flowers i used two different styles of small flowers (any size you'd like is fine)
-glue gun with glue sticks
- thin elastic cord
- scissors
Optional - you can use a small piece of felt I didn't use it but feel free to if you'd like 

Step 2. 
Start by measuring your elastic around your toe, make sure you are comfortable with this, I know alot of us don't like anything around our toes especially if it is too tight :/ 

Step 3.
Cut and glue with glue gun you know I love mine :)

Step 4.
Measure elastic cord, this time toe to ankle, whatever is comfortable to you 
then cut and glue 

Step 5. 
Now the fun part adding your flowers, there is no rule to this just add according to your liking, I used smaller flowers first then added bigger flowers to get this effect :) 

Step 6. 
Continue adding until you fill the tstrap you created 

Done!!! Its that easy, now you have summer 2013 latest trend, 
You can now try this same idea with different flowers and even try with ribbons and beads in place of the flowers Wow that would look great !!!

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