Sunday, January 5, 2014

CCB Nails - Striped Dot

CCB Nails - Striped Dot

As you know, I love trying new, fun nailart designs. This week I decided to try this contrast of colors using black, white and baby pink with bold stripes and girly polka dots. 
Below are the products I used and a few easy steps 

What you'll need: 
Any baby pink polish
Any white polish
Any nail art polish
Dotting tool
Tape (optional)
Any quick dry top coat (a must when doing nail art)

2. Paint index & middle fingers and thumb

3. Paint ring finger white
Paint pointer finger black 

4. Add the details (sorry no photos)

Polka dots are easier to to add first 
Then add the stripes
I drew the stripes just using the nail art paints 
Please use the tape for the stripes it really is much easier 
but polish must dry completely. 

Fun Beauty Tip:
Try using Pam cooking spray for easy way to quickly dry your nails !!!

Enjoy and stay chic xoxo 

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