Sunday, January 5, 2014

CCB DIY - Foot Flowers

These were made for ong summer days on the beach. I love these super cute foot flowers and I've been seeing them everywhere, of course I had to try my CCB spin of these adorable foot flowers. This is also a great mommy and me project to try with the kids, of course with a parents help because of the glue gun. These are great for baby fashionista as well :)   

Below is my step by step ...
Enjoy and stay chic xoxo

Step one 1. 
Here's what you'll need 
- Flowers i used two different styles of small flowers (any size you'd like is fine)
-glue gun with glue sticks
- thin elastic cord
- scissors
Optional - you can use a small piece of felt I didn't use it but feel free to if you'd like 

Step 2. 
Start by measuring your elastic around your toe, make sure you are comfortable with this, I know alot of us don't like anything around our toes especially if it is too tight :/ 

Step 3.
Cut and glue with glue gun you know I love mine :)

Step 4.
Measure elastic cord, this time toe to ankle, whatever is comfortable to you 
then cut and glue 

Step 5. 
Now the fun part adding your flowers, there is no rule to this just add according to your liking, I used smaller flowers first then added bigger flowers to get this effect :) 

Step 6. 
Continue adding until you fill the tstrap you created 

Done!!! Its that easy, now you have summer 2013 latest trend, 
You can now try this same idea with different flowers and even try with ribbons and beads in place of the flowers Wow that would look great !!!

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