Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CCB DIY - Summer Floral Halo

DIY Summer Floral Halo  

This must have summer trend is just gorgeous from day to night.
This DIY is so easy breezy, affordable and versatile you can try this with
any flower or embellishments you desire :) 

Step 1.
Here's what you'll need ...
All materials can be found at your local craft store :)

- Any Silk Flowers (I used smaller flowers for this design, feel free to try this with bigger flowers)
-  Glue Gun with plenty of gluesticks (your going to need it lol)
- Any Elastic headband (I prefer to match with your hair color but any color works)
- Any color craft felt  
- and of course a good scissor ;) 
Step 2.
Cut your felt just about 12" length x 1" width
Step. 3
Using your glue gun, attach elastic headband to felt
(do not stretch headband go along with its natural form)

Step 4.
Fold felt in half and glue, It should look like this :)

Step 5.
Your going to need to carefully pick your flowers off the stems and now the fun begins, add away !!!
Using your glue gun just add a pea size amount to the middle of  the back of each flower

Step 6.
Add away, it should start to look like this

and here's the finished product how gorgeous and fun is this floral halo !!! I'm so excited for you to try this summer DIY look and don't forget to post your pictures on instagram and tag me :) @craftchicboutique

Stay chic and Enjoy xoxo    

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