Saturday, February 9, 2013

New app I love!

I recently downloaded a new app called Poshmark. I was a little reluctant to try this app but quickly got over it. So the idea of this app is very much the same as eBay however it is geared towards women's fashion from our own closets. This app is so great for anyone trying to clean out their closets of clutter and outdated ideas we just don't use (which I never do because everything reinvents itself lol) I also love this app for those sold out items we think we could never get or see again :)

My experience with this app was wonderful. I was obsessing over these F21 boots that were sold out everywhere I even called every store on my mad hunt to find them and guess where I finally found them "POSHMARK" yayahhh. The seller was so sweet and quickly shipped my item. I must share her user name "aprilswu" visit her closet, she is great and quickly replies to any inquiries you have.

Ladies definitely try this app, I highly recommend it :) Enjoy xoxo

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