Monday, February 4, 2013

All black mani

I love this simple but chic all black mani with a twist. This mani goes with anything and It's so easy anyone can DIY!

Here's what you'll...
1. Any black nail polish
2. Fast dry top coat (I really like NYC quick dry top coat it dries super quick and it's not thick and clumpy ;)
3. Matti dying top coat (again NYC gets my vote with this cheap easy to find matte polish)
4. Tape (if you don't have a steady hand ;)

So lets start
Step 1. Polish your nail as you normally would (Helpful Tip: Let polish dry, I hate working with wet nails :/
Step 2. If you need the tape, add tape now
Step 3. Polish your nails with matte top coat (Helpful tip : I used 2-3 coats to get the best effect)
Step 4: Polish tips ONLY with quick dry shine top coat

Your mani is complete !!! It's that easy! Enjoy:) xoxo

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